Moontime Stories






Alter from the 8-Shields Women’s Gathering

Story can be one of the most powerful teachers. They transcend through time, drawing on experiences from the past that speak to the present moment. Story is one of the cultural elements, or patterns that were seen cross culturally in earth-based peoples, and remains a tool for cultural regeneration. The opportunity has been presented to me to collect stories from women of varying ages, from all corners of the Earth to ask them about their connection to their moon, their blood.

My mentor Joni has spent her life traveling, collecting traditions, meeting people of different lineages. She has offered to reach out to all the women that she knows who carry some relic of intact moontime culture so that I can hear their stories and ask them questions. I’ve been dreaming on the questions that I want to ask them for some time now. The questions that I have prepared thus far are organized according to life stage. Some questions seem relevant for more than one or even all life stages. Others are more specific. I imagine that more questions will develop as I begin this project.

I will be recording and transcribing these interviews as they happen. I am seeing this opportunity to collect stories as a building of my capacity to pass on teachings about moontime connection. I also imagine that just as the cultural elements are a collection of cross cultural patterns of regeneration so too will emerge such patterns from the stories. These patterns will be focused on the regeneration of moontime culture. From these patterns the specific practices that are right for each individual woman learning to honor her moon can be crafted. I’m imagining a map or a pattern language drawn up at the end of this project.

Some of my hesitation around this project is that I know from speaking to some people with native heritage that there is a certain amount of protection and hesitation around sharing their cultural practices with strangers. Considering our history this is totally understandable. I’m sure that I have a lot to learn about asking questions with humility and carrying stories as precious jewels. I’m so grateful to both my mentors Mark who planted this seed in my mind over a year ago and to Joni who saw the pathway to make it happen.

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