Fertile Ground – A New Career Path

A New Career Path

In the beginning of Katie Singer’s book, “The Garden of Fertility” she describes Fertility Awareness as a survival skill. This caught my attention given my passion for nature-based mentoring and wilderness survival skills. It occurred to me that I wanted to be able to share this incredible skillflex with other women. I then began my search for a training in FA. After contacting Ilene Richman of the Fertility Awareness Center in NYC I discovered that the global professional network of instructors is quite small and that the means to grow that network was quite limited. Given this reality I became even more determined to get trained and sanctioned to teach FA.

It just so happened that my inquiry came to Ilene at the same time as another similar request for training. Ilene agreed to mentor both of us in becoming Fertility Awareness instructors. In May we began our journey of receiving monthly support calls with Ilene as well as homework assignments. Our studying is being guided by Katie Singer’s Fertility Awareness Study Guide. We’ve developed a long resource list that I store on Google docs. I’ve made this list available in the Resource section of my blog. This training will likely continue through 2011 and end with a certification.

The Network Grows

An additional Fertility Awareness instructor trainee joined the study group. There are now three of us that Ilene Richman is training here on the East Coast. During one of our training sessions Ilene described the current state of the professional FA instructor network. She painted a picture of change and turnover on the horizon considering the fact that most of her colleagues are post-menopausal. She shared that the passion and interest in FA dwindles for many after this incredible change in the monthly cycle, as the charts themselves become somewhat boring and non-indicating.

It wasn’t until several weeks later that I realized the implications of Ilene’s assessment of the current professional network. Ilene is actually training the next generation of fertility awareness instructors. My study group comprises of three women in their twenties. Each of us have different and overlapping areas of interest and passion for how we’re going to integrate FA instruction into our professional lives. Here’s a visual of what that looks like.

I have some interest in collaborating with Kati and Ilene to develop the professional network, infusing the learning pathways with some creative teaching/mentoring styles. Right now this is a back burner project. My primary focus is on getting certified.

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