Nature Connection Programs

It’s easy to lose touch with what is real. Life is full with 9-5’s, school and the day to day grind. I find my peace of mind when I go outside. First I allow my computer supported tunnel vision to drift away, I take a deep breath of fresh air into my lungs, my head turns as a blue jay dips and soars in front of me and if I listen closely I can hear the nearby stream rushing. Suddenly I find myself in the present moment, no longer thinking about my deadlines for school or what I’m going to cook for dinner. I feel alive.

This is why the natural world is the context for my work. Here we meet our craving for connection. Together we can build a fire, jump into a cold pond or run through the woods barefoot. This is what’s real.

In these times of shopping malls, television and pop music many people are beginning to reject this false sense of culture. When connection to the natural world becomes the norm we must ensure that the values that go along with it regenerate. This way caretaking of the Earth and its creatures will continue for the next sever generations and beyond. So we impregnate nature connection with the juice to keep it going. We look to Earth-based cultures around the world and find that they have many things in common like giving thanks, ceremony, rites of passage, song and much, much more. These are the cultural elements as Jon Young has coined them that allow this culture of connection to regerate.

So here forms the foundation upon which I do my work with girls. My intention is to support the teens I work with to form ropes of connection to self, nature, each other and to the unknown.

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