Program Development

Future Girls Programs in the Rondout Valley

There have been some recent developments. My close sister and collaborator Alisha Mai Frank is moving to my neighborhood. She and I share a vision for working with girls and teens. Together we are bringing our work to the next level. The other day we had a visioning retreat. It was one of the most productive meetings I have experienced. The level of unity and clarity between us allowed for swift movement in developing program and curriculum concepts. Below is a snap shot of the work that we did. I’ve used VUE map technology (which is a free software) to summarize the work that we did.

Here is an overall map summary. I will follow this up with zoomed in photos of each section with explanations.

The main areas of development thus far are as follows:

• Overall developmental journey

• Crescent Moon Girls program concept

• Full Moon Girls Program concept

• Curriculum concept

• A network of collaborators

Developmental Journey

Program offerings from Mai and I will begin for girls at age 10 in the Crescent Moon Girls program. Upon reaching developmental preparedness there will be a rite of passage at age 13 or 14. This will mark the transition of childhood into adolescence.

Full Moon Girls will be available to 13-17 year olds who have completed their initiation.

There will be another rite of passage to mark the transition from adolescence toward young adulthood for 17-19 year olds.

Crescent Moon Girls

The format of Crescent Moon Girls will be different from this year’s format. My past experience of doing only once a month day programs had me design this year’s format of once per month overnights. Now again I am revising. Once a month overnights still only puts me in the position of being a small touchstone into these girls lives. Next year’s format will allow for consistent relationship with the girls in the program.

Full Moon Girls

This program is going to serve as an expansion of this year’s current Ropes program. Ropes is a wilderness program for teen boys and girls. Full Moon Girls will meet between the Ropes overnights. We’re excited to be designing consistent contact in the form of afterschool programs in both of the programs. I’m also excited to formalize the opportunity for many of the teen girls to visit Crescent Moon Girls.

Curriculum Concept

The five main areas of this curriculum ~

• Strength & Agility Training

• Expressive Movement & Sacred Theatre

• Fertility Awareness & Sexual Empowerment

• Kitchen Alchemy

• Nature Connection

…are the expressions of the deep passions and gifts that Mai and I collectively have to offer. We’re really excited to develop the curriculum more. Part of my capstone year final project presentation in my final learning review will be a fleshed out expression of this curriculum. I’m so excited about this! This is it!


Mai and I are clear that we are the primary executors of this vision and program. At the same time we don’t want to be doing this in isolation. We’re excited to weave in the gifts of various women at different times. We plan to form a elder/auntie support council to advise us in the process. We also intend to weave these aunties and elders into the program for various offerings. This feels really solid.

Rites of Passage

This part of the journey will likely happen inter-regionally. There will be once per year rites for all of the girls who are ready and the leaders of the various programs will gather to collaborate on facilitating this. You can read more about how this developed in Building the Culture.


Last year I declared to the universe that I needed a collaborator in order for me to do this work. Abrah clearly showed up as a place holder so that she and I could serve the community need this year for girls programming. At the same time that Mai has decided to move here, Abrah has decided to step out and really integrate into her new home in Massachusetts. This whole process of manifestation has been incredible. I’m so grateful that all of the pieces of the puzzle are lining up so beautifully.

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